Texas Music News
Texas Music News

We offer more than public advertising to a well defined market segment. We focus on public relations and business promotion. Texas Music News features a cross platform internet strategy to allow for maximum benefit to the public and our alliance members. We can help you sell.

End Result - You Sell More

Do you have a product or service to sell to the public ? We have the tools to help you expand your business. Our cross platform marketing system works ! We can help get eyes on your business. Let's Go !

POWER PR for 90 Days = $300 total cost

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Public Relations For Music Business,

Texas Music News

Public Relations

Attention Business Operators !

We Spread The Word and The Word is Sales

Read below to see the sales support tools we offer our Alliance Partners.

* Two public websites with large audience

* Interactive, Live Messaging via Twitter on site

* Facebook Group Pages Management

* Craigslist Ad Promo System

* Color Ads, Banners, Flash Ads

* Radio spots on our recorded radio style show

* E-Mail News delivered to 11,000 + monthly

* Cross platform marketing is what's happening

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