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We offer more than public advertising to a well defined market segment. We focus on public relations and business promotion. Texas Music News features a cross platform internet strategy to allow for maximum benefit to the public and our alliance members. We can help you sell.

Music Artists

We offer free services to music artists. In many cases, the musician has to be the A to Z type person to be successful in the arts. We can help you spread your message to the public and introduce your music to new fans all over the world. Contact via E-Mail for more info.

Record Labels and Music Promoters

We hit the public right between the ears. We offer interviews with music artists to promote new record releases and to support music sales over the long term. Our cross platform system of marketing provides a lot of pubic exposure. Let us know how we can help you.

Business Advertising and Promotion

Do you have a product or service to sell to the public ? We have the tools to help you expand your business. Our cross platform marketing system works ! We can help get eyes on you.

Short Term Advertising

Basic Package :

* Live Tweets Published

* Color Ad Linked To Your Website

* 90 Days

Pro Package :

* Live Tweets Published

* Flash Ad Linked To Your Website

* Color Static Ad Linked To Your Website

* Social Media Promotion On Our
  Twitter and Facebook Pages

* 90 Days

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